Impression – Holly Goguen L.Ac. Acupuncture

Chinese Herbal Medicine in the South Bay

Our Redondo Beach clinic offers a wide range of Chinese herbal medicine solutions to balance internal disharmonies and help your body achieve optimal health. We sell preparations of Chinese herbs in capsule, granule, or patent form, which may be prescribed in addition to your acupuncture treatments.

Granules are dehydrated teas that have been previously cooked by the manufacturer and are turned into powders that can be consumed in a capsule or dissolved in hot water. We also stock Chinese herbs in patent tablets, which are small tablets or coated pills that consist of common formulations of herbs used in practice. While pills provide the easiest convenience, many practitioners prefer powders or raw herbs which can be formulated best to meet the specific needs of the patient.

Are the Chinese Herbs You Use Safe?

Our clinic is committed to providing the highest quality Chinese herbs in the South Bay for our clients’ health. We purchase our Chinese herbs from companies like KPC, which guarantee their products are manufactured in accord with the highest standards. Many problems with herbs are found in products that are copycats and are imitating a well-known product, but do not contain the ingredients they are supposed to or have additional undocumented ingredients. Therefore, it is important to purchase herbs from a licensed professional who can be sure of the reputation of the company their products are purchased from, and the testing they do for safety.