New Patients

How long will my first visit be?

Your acupuncturist will conduct an in-depth interview during your first visit that will make it longer than all following visits. This allows the acupuncturist to get a complete picture of your overall health and identify any secondary concerns you may have. You should come 15 minutes before your appointment time to fill out your paperwork before the visit, or you can download our forms online and fill them out before you get to the office. You should allot 90 minutes for this first visit.

How long will subsequent visits be?

Follow-up appointments are usually 45-60 minutes.

How often do I need to come in?

During your first visit, your acupuncturist will recommend a treatment plan and give you the frequency of visits necessary for your chief concern. The frequency may depend on whether this is a new or long-standing concern, and the severity of the concern. Some patients come once per week for a few months, while other come 2-3 times per week for concerns that need frequent treatment.

Can I download your new patient forms and fill them out before I come in?

Yes! You can find our new patient forms here.

What kind of clothing should I wear to acupuncture appointments?

You should wear loose and non-constrictive clothing to your visits, such as t-shirts, shorts, yoga pants, tank tops and any other clothing you feel comfortable in. If the acupuncturist cannot reach a point, she will ask you to remove an article of clothing and will give you a sheet to drape over you to maintain your comfort and privacy. Patients often remain fully clothed for most treatments. Jeans and skin-tight clothing are not recommended.

Do I need to eat before getting acupuncture?

We do not recommend patients to have an empty stomach before an acupuncture treatment. Patients who are very hungry, tired, or weak are more likely to faint or feel light-headed after a treatment, than a patient who has food in their stomach. We will also not treat patients if they are drunk, violent, or need the immediate care of an emergency medicine professional. Please call 911 for any emergencies.