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Traditional Chinese Medicine in Redondo Beach

Holly Goguen’s clinic specializes in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which has been practiced in varying forms for over 2,000 years. Based in Redondo Beach, it provides quality Traditional Chinese medicine treatments to clients residing in the South Bay area. This system of medicine uses a combination of theories that view the world as an interconnected whole in a constant state of change and transformation. Seasons, weather, lifestyle, diet, constitution, and emotions all play an important role in the health of the individual living in that world.

Disease or disharmony is observed as a living process, rather than a distinct unchanging entity. Two patients with the same biomedical disease may manifest completely different symptoms due to their unique biological makeup and differing lifestyles. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes these differences in symptoms and signs between individuals and creates treatment plans that are unique to each patient.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the following main treatment types below within this framework:

Traditional Chinese medicine is a form of medicine which can be used alone as an alternative medicine or in conjunction with conventional Western medicine to supplement and support your ongoing care. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today!